Sunday, June 22, 2008

Women's Designer Clothing

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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Evening Wear Dresses and Accessories

Evening wear dresses are all about looking chic and elegant. You might want to impress a gathering or that special someone on your evening out. The first aspect of this type of dressing is that the whole process of selection must not intimidate you. Yes, there are a numerous mind-boggling options that you can select from, choose one wisely for your specific need.

Choosing your Evening Party Wear

The first assess whether it’s a formal or informal event you are dressing up for. If it’s a black tie affair then you might go with a striking silk dress

Your choice might also be dependant on the style and color of the dress. It must be remembered that not all dresses suit all body types. So, choose one that flatters your figure. Get a second opinion from friends and family. A lot of women are on the look out for trendy designer dresses, but the focus must be on dresses that reflect your elegance and those that you are comfortable wearing.

Women’s Dresses for the Evening

If you are looking for a stylish, contemporary look then you might think about cocktail dresses. Halter dresses are certainly turn the heat on when dressing up for an evening out Black is a universal favorite and you just can’t go wrong with it and the best part is it is easy to accessorize.

If your needs are simple, then try the silk skirts or embroidered dresses. If you are attending a wedding or an anniversary then a jacket dress might be the right ticket for you. Off the shoulder dresses are also an elegant option.

The Accessories

When it comes to accessories for those party dresses, you must focus on accessorizing all the visible areas like shoulders, necks, and wrists. You can wear a pashmina shawl or silk cashmere stole to drape over your shoulders. The innate beauty of the stole or wrap will highlight the rest of your ensemble.

First review your evening dress before you begin accessorizing. You then accessorize it with a matching necklace, earrings or bracelets or all three. You can also think about adorning your hair with some sparkling clips or a chic headband. There are countless women accessories that you could go with. Choose one that compliments your evening dress.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Evening Wear Dresses

Designer dresses have been the first choice for the attractive look and special occasions. One can never have party wear dresses in bulk with them. People generally do not buy party wears as they do buy casuals. Evening wear dresses are as more specific and special as they are less in number in the clothing collection.

One usually never has too many party wear dresses and with Christmas around the corner you have the perfect excuse to buy more. People rely upon contemporary style designer dresses when it comes to making choice of party dresses to be worn.
My first pick is from Zentrend has made the Stunning faux-wrap evening dress with delicate floral embellishments.
The dress is made with silk and available in splashing red. This classic silk dress hits above knee. This designer dress could make the perfect choice for your unique collection of evening dresses and designer party dresses in this festive season.

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Another could be the Sequin Chiffon Dress which again can make a perfect combination with your personality and special occasions like Christmas, Cocktail parties, Evening Get Together, Wedding Celebrations etc.

This evening dress has been made exquisite by embellishing it with hand sewn glass beads. When taken one size longer than the normal size, this evening wear’s slim fit look flatters any figure.

The party wear sequin chiffon dress is made with 100% silk chiffon. It hits at ankle and is beautifully embroidered with glass beads. The dress is available in classic black color at and is worth to buy to incredibly supplement your evening wear and party wear collection.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eastern Styled Silk Skirt with Zari brocade

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Recently I have explored a very elegant styled short silk skirt at while on my search for a contemporary styled silk skirt for my sister. She had her college reunion party and wished to wear something that will leave everyone admiring, something very antique and beautiful to be worn.

As online designer clothing store have been the best alternative to find a wide range of products with minimal efforts and time I started searching some antique designer skirts online. While on my search I founded this silk brocade skirt made up of 100 % silk “zari” brocade.

This eastern inspired silk brocade skirt comes with a contrasting color belt. It is available in two colors – Black/Red and Fushia/Green. It has been proved worthy of being chosen for such special occasions.

Silk with its texture and elegance gives antique look to every type of clothing as it does to this silk brocade skirt and other silk skirts, silk tops and silk wraps available on the online designer store – Zentrend. Thanks to that I could make a wonderful choice

Friday, April 11, 2008

E-Commerce Gets Collaborative adjudged to be making efforts in promoting undiscovered designers, unique designer clothing from beaded corsets to silk and lace dresses right your way in an article by Robert McAllister, Technology Editor,

By Robert McAllister : Collaboration has been the buzz in B2B software applications such as PLM (product lifecycle management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning). Now it’s becoming more important in B2C applications. Two Bay Area Web resources have rolled out separate e-commerce entities that go straight to the horse’s mouth to determine what clothing styles to sell on the Web.

Mountain View, Calif.–based ZenTrend and Emeryville, Calif.–based IndiCustom are taking similar concepts of using consumer input to sell apparel, but they are taking different approaches.

ZenTrend ( is a collaborative e-commerce site launched last year by former HP and Symantec executive Lekha Srinivasan. The site offers clothing from up-and-coming yet undiscovered designers in the contemporary and misses categories with price tags from $30 to $120. Merchandise ranges from beaded corsets to silk and lace dresses.

The main thrust behind the business is a new technology called iStyler>, which is a collaborative platform enabling the site’s visitors to take the seat of “Project Runway” judge Nina Garcia to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to designs via fashion illustrations by the designers. The input received helps determine whether the style makes the cut into next season’s merchandise mix at ZenTrend. Consumers providing input are entered into a drawing for a prize.

“It gives the consumer more power. They tell us things like ‘I really love that style, but if you offer it in taupe rather than red, I would buy it,” Srinivasan said. “Historically, consumers are never really asked up front in the process of apparel design and manufacturing. They’re pushed into what’s available, what the designer has to offer. I wanted to change that.”

ZenTrend actually contracts the production and manufacturing for the garments, using only illustrations, technical specifications, fit analysis or other pre-production processes from the selected designers, who receive compensation and are promoted and marketed through the site.

The company is currently working with several designers from Europe. Designers are required to have experience working with significant companies as well as have the ability to create sellable styles. The site features an area where designers can submit portfolios. And a portion of proceeds is donated to a number of charities.

“One of our visions is to promote these undiscovered designers and try to bring them to the forefront and provide them with a platform,” Srinivasan said. “There’s a lot of talent out there that does not have the capital and resources to get their names known.”

Source By: Robert McAllister, Technology Editor, (January 25, 2008)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Vote the best style, design your own and win a prize at

Just how many times have you looked and looked for an original dress, or a new skirt that didn't look like all the other skirts, or an elegant shirt that had personality, only to find yourself defeated in your quest, and walking to the cash register with a boring choice, because you had no other choice?

My answer? Many times.

If I had a nickel for all the times I have wished I could design my own clothes, or dreamed about having my own personal tailor, I would be very rich.

So many times I've found myself frustrated at the usual designs I see each year in stores, at the lack of enthusiasm behind these fashion lines, and at the incredibly expensive prices everybody tries to charge you for the same recycled ideas.

Well, finally a company is trying to make a change. This company is ZenTrend.

ZenTrend is breaking new ground with its "Open Source Fashion House" paradigm. The concept, already successful in the tech world, will bring together talented designers from around the world, with the starting line up from Europe (Paris and Brussels) designing for the American market. ZenTrend's achieves its mission to design a clothing line with a truly global inspiration through a completely virtual operational model.

Already a pioneer in global influences, starting with the East, ZenTrend is now raising their bar even higher. They will let people design for the people, and people pick the winning styles that ZenTrend will then manufacture.

Then, with “iStyler” an online voting system at, the shoppers themselves will vote and decide which styles they prefer. The winning styles will be manufactured and will become part of ZenTrend's collection.

Finally someone has given shoppers the power they deserve.

No more passive-aggressive shopping, where we passively buy but secretly wish we had better choices to pick from. Now we have a choice, a choice to say "yes, this is what I would like to wear"!

ZenTrend has just launched their new website together with the online style voting. Stop by and cast your vote to have your say on which styles should become part of ZenTrend's Spring/Summer '08 collection, and for your chance to win a prize! Yes, you've heard right! To thank their online voters, is giving away a beautiful COACH handbag to a lucky winner!

Plus, coming soon, will give everybody the chance to submit their original designs.

So what are you waiting for??? Sharpen your pencils and head on over to ZenTrend at