Friday, November 30, 2007

Vote the best style, design your own and win a prize at

Just how many times have you looked and looked for an original dress, or a new skirt that didn't look like all the other skirts, or an elegant shirt that had personality, only to find yourself defeated in your quest, and walking to the cash register with a boring choice, because you had no other choice?

My answer? Many times.

If I had a nickel for all the times I have wished I could design my own clothes, or dreamed about having my own personal tailor, I would be very rich.

So many times I've found myself frustrated at the usual designs I see each year in stores, at the lack of enthusiasm behind these fashion lines, and at the incredibly expensive prices everybody tries to charge you for the same recycled ideas.

Well, finally a company is trying to make a change. This company is ZenTrend.

ZenTrend is breaking new ground with its "Open Source Fashion House" paradigm. The concept, already successful in the tech world, will bring together talented designers from around the world, with the starting line up from Europe (Paris and Brussels) designing for the American market. ZenTrend's achieves its mission to design a clothing line with a truly global inspiration through a completely virtual operational model.

Already a pioneer in global influences, starting with the East, ZenTrend is now raising their bar even higher. They will let people design for the people, and people pick the winning styles that ZenTrend will then manufacture.

Then, with “iStyler” an online voting system at, the shoppers themselves will vote and decide which styles they prefer. The winning styles will be manufactured and will become part of ZenTrend's collection.

Finally someone has given shoppers the power they deserve.

No more passive-aggressive shopping, where we passively buy but secretly wish we had better choices to pick from. Now we have a choice, a choice to say "yes, this is what I would like to wear"!

ZenTrend has just launched their new website together with the online style voting. Stop by and cast your vote to have your say on which styles should become part of ZenTrend's Spring/Summer '08 collection, and for your chance to win a prize! Yes, you've heard right! To thank their online voters, is giving away a beautiful COACH handbag to a lucky winner!

Plus, coming soon, will give everybody the chance to submit their original designs.

So what are you waiting for??? Sharpen your pencils and head on over to ZenTrend at

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zentrend-an Online Fashion Store

Being a big fan of unique high fashion clothing, I came across a fabulous online fashion store of my choice. I used to spend much of my time in searching fashionable clothes with a spark of new trend and that too in a reasonable range.

During my hunt for such an online designer clothes store, I came across a site that can serve my need and desire for designer dresses online.

I have used 2 of the dresses from Zentrend, one is the beautiful Silk Halter Contrast Dress made up of 100% silk and the other one gold accented Brocade Silk Corset and turned out to be more and more fascinated towards their awesome collection.

ZenTrend is an on-line fashion clothing store dedicated to high-fashion Eastern-inspired women’s fashionable dresses. The main focus of this online designer clothing store is basically on blending vibrant patterns, colors, textures and embroideries from the East, with graceful contemporary styles.

They offer contemporary style skirts, tops, shawls, stoles and other accessories. I like their accessories the most. I found most of the styles available on, hand crafted, embroidered, made up of 100% silk, dresses with chiffon, charmeuse and brocades.

One most important thing that I like about this site is that ZenTrend is actively seeking to promote emerging design talent, to augment its Eastern-influenced collections leveraging a truly global model. Soon they will be starting on online voting feature on their site which would make possible the reach to new, fresh and creative designer clothing.